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Do you own a cabin or apartment in Skeikampen which you would like to rent out?

Skeikampen Booking is always looking for more cabins and apartements we can rent out for the owner. 

There are severals advantages for you to let Skeikampen Booking rent out your unit. Here is a list of them:  

  • You can earn income on your unit instead of letting it stay empty. 
  • The unit will be clened after each stay. 
  • The unit will be checked and looked after when you are not in Skeikampen.
  • When renting out, you will contribute to local jobs and activity. 
  • The unit will be in use, and will not be empty for long periods at of time. 
  • You will have the opportunity to earn money in order to cover fixed expenses. 
  • We help with deliverance of keys to hired help by appointment. 
  • We can do final cleaning and yearly clening of the unit by appointment.
  • Let other enjoy the stay in your unit as well.
  • A possible reduction of local factor up to 0,2 of the local Property tax. (Owner must apply).  

We in Skeikampen Booking have an ongoing need for more units to rent out to our guests. Contack us for a talk per phone 0047 61 22 80 00 or e-mail booking@skeikampenbooking.no  Our guests are most often families and adult couples, wishing to experience a vacation in Skeikampen as well. 

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If you are already renting out your cabin through Skeikampen Booking?

Below you can check the guests visiting your cabin/apartment.