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How Skeikampen Booking work with personal information

Entety in charge

Skei Booking AS, organizational number 916 518 471, is responsible for the information you registrer with us, such as name, address, phone number, and e-mail. Your information is treated as the GDPR demands. 

How Skeikampen Booking keeps your personal information

Skeikampen Booking has adopted data protection policies with respect to your privacy and security. This privacy and security policy statement concerns how skeikampenbooking.no collects and uses your personal information.

skeikampenbooking.no links to websites owned and operated by other businesses. skeikampenbooking.no do not have access to private and personal information gathered by those websites, unless it is explicitly mentioned in this privacy policy.

Purpose of processing data
It is entirely voluntary for those visiting the website to provide personal information in connection with services to receive newsletters, order information material and brochures, receive payments, enrol in events, and so on.

We will use information about you for any of the following purposes:

To make it easy for you to find destinations, events and other information about the Lillehammer region as a tourist destination.
Use of e-mail and postal address for sending out newsletters and other physical materials via our website and other channels.
For statistics, aggregation and management of sites and services. Information is obtained in order to allow skeikampenbooking.no to get further information about the users, including how users come to the site, as well as tracking general usage patterns of users on our website. We use this information to manage and enhance the site.
Which data is processed?
We process both personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information about you. Personally identifiable information is information that identifies you as an individual. Non-personally identifiable information is information and any other details that do not reveal your personal identity.

Personally identifiable information. We collect and process the following information:

You can subscribe to newsletters so that you receive emails from Skeikampen Booking on current news. For us to send email to the appropriate subscriber, you must register your first and last names, as well as an email address.
If you direct a request to Skeikampen Booking via the web, such as sending us an email, relevant information could be stored, such as name and email address.
On skeikampenbooking.no you can order brochures and other information material by providing your name, business, email and postal address. Personal information we receive for processing orders of such material will not be used for any purpose other than to effectuate the order, unless you have explicitly indicated that you want to receive e-mail from us.
When you visit skeikampenbooking.no your IP address is recorded. We do not link this information directly to you as a user. The information is used to manage and maintain our sites. Examples of information that this data provides: How many people visit different sites, how long the visit lasts, what websites users are coming from and which browser is used. This enables us to develop better and more user-friendly services. See more about web analytics and cookies below.

User reviews
skeikampenbooking.no may, by agreement with other sites, collect and display reviews from users who have published information on relevant destinations and products on their sites. You have waived all rights you may have in such user reviews. Your assessment(s) can be freely used, copied, distributed and published in any medium, and in any form, without your permission. See the valid site’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

We do not edit user reviews published on other sites and can not be held responsible for such user reviews, or any further use, distribution, or republication of them. Skeikampen Booking neither confirms nor endorse opinions or attitudes expressed in user reviews as individuals personal beliefs. Any decision made on the basis of reviews or comments that are on skeikampenbooking.no, is at your own risk.

Web Analysis and Cookies
skeikampenbooking.no collects and Skeikampen Booking processes data about visitors to skeikampenbooking.no and other Skeikampen Booking websites. We use common Internet technologies, including Google Analytics and “cookies” to collect information about users so that at any time we can provide the best possible functionality and develop our information services. This information is taken from the computer’s web browser and may include your IP address, operating system, browser, screen resolution and previous website.

“Cookies” are small information capsules (text files) that the website asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile device. This allows the website to remember actions or preferences over time. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. You can always choose to not accept a cookie by changing your browser settings to reject cookies automatically, or so that each cookie must be approved individually, but this may limit the functions available. Consent is considered given if the browser is set to accept the use of cookies. This also applies if the browser is pre-set for acceptance.

With the Google Analytics service, we use cookies to collect information about how visitors use our website. We aggregate information and generate reports that help us improve the experience. Cookies collect anonymous information, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors come from, keywords, and which pages they visit. Google Analytics uses only first-party cookies to gather data.

Both ourselves and third party vendors, including Google, use first-party cookies (such as Google Analytics cookies) and third-party cookies (such as DoubleClick cookies) together to inform, optimize and display ads based on visits to our website.

We use banner ads and “remarketing” with Google Analytics to advertise online.

Third party vendors, including Google, show our ads on sites worldwide.

Visitors may opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Settings for Google Ads.

Scripts are used for advertising solutions to measure the effect of campaigns, and for this use a cookie is used to give campaigns the appropriate crediting for sales and conversions over time.

When you visit skeikampenbooking.no, you may notice some cookies that are not directly related to skeikampenbooking.no (third-party cookies). When you visit one of our pages that contain embedded content, such as a video from YouTube, you may receive cookies from these sites. We have no control over, or acceptance of, the settings of these cookies. Information about such cookies can most often be found on its associated website.

We will not disclose, sell, distribute, rent, license, share or pass details or personal information to any third parties other than those who deliver and are contracted to deliver services to us, unless we have your express consent to do so.

Skeikampen Booking reserves the right to change or update the privacy statement. All changes are valid from the time of being posted, and will include information gathered from that date, as well as existing information held by Skeikampen Booking. You can find out when these guidelines were last revised by referring to the date given by “last updated” on this page.

Contact information
If you have questions or comments about this statement or how we treat personal information, you can contact us at booking@skeikampenbooking.no

Skei Booking AS, Sanatorievegen 27B, 2652 Svingvoll, Norway. Phone; 0047 61228000. Organization number 916 518 471.